Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have more than one unit (tent, campervan, caravan) on a pitch?

Due to our fire regulations we can only allow one unit on the pitch, unless its a pup tent used for a child’s play tent/storage. Any other unit needs to be 6m from another unit and at least 3m from another unit if with the same family/group.

How do I pay the remaining balance that is showing on my booking?

When you first book with us, you will receive a new guest email, in this email it contains your login details to get back into your booking at any point, to check details and also to pay your remaining balance. (This email may go into your junk emails so check in there as well)

I can see check-in times are between 2-6pm, I can’t get there until a little later, is this okay or will I be turned away?

We do prefer you to try and aim for these times, however if you know you are going to be later, please let us know via email, (this is best) as we are quite often out and about and can’t always be with the phone.

How far is the beach from Higher Pentreath Campsite?

The campsite is literally a 6 minute walk down to the beach (I am that specific as I walked it and timed myself)

Can a group of responsible 17 year olds stay on site, on their own?

No, is the short answer. We have a mixture of family, couples and adults on site and we feel we are inclusive of most people, but we cannot be responsible for a group of underaged teenagers.

What is the best way to book a camping pitch with you?

Campers can only book with us direct now and booking online, through this website is the best way to do that.

Is there another path to the beach or just the road way?

If you look on maps, there is a footpath down to the beach, via the fields, however it can be tricky and we wouldn’t personally recommend it.

Can our friend join us on our electric pitch if they don’t use the electric?

No, as previously stated, we can only have one unit per pitch for fire regulations and our electric pitches are more restricted in size being only 6m x 6m.

Do you accept dogs/cats/pets?

Yes, and they are free but we ask that they are kept on a lead at all times, cleaned up after and taken care of appropriately. We don’t accept dogs being left in units alone.

Do you have flat pitches or are all your pitches on a slope, as you are on a hill?

We do have flatter pitches, it really depends on where you choose to pitch up. Most of our electric pitches are pretty flat, at the top of our lower field, looking towards the beach. There are flatter pitches around our other fields too, take a good look around before you choose your spot. Our hillside location means water runs off the fields, we’re less likely to get water logged in wet weather and we benefit from the best views.

Do you have WiFi on site?

Yes, we do have free WiFi on site but it isn’t always that strong in all areas of our site. The signal is strongest near the entrance into our shower block field. However, we actively encourage you to put down phones, live in the moment and make memories on site, like we used to as kids.